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the LEAN method at Bendiro

In 2020 we started implementing the LEAN method, in order to streamline our production process and thereby eliminate all factors that do not create value for our customers. This implementation is now fully underway and forms an important part of our objective, which is to continuously develop and expand.

Our production manager Jarmo Jakku, who took up the position at Bendiro in May 2020, is responsible for the introduction of the LEAN method here at Bendiro. Jarmo has extensive experience in production efficiency in general, and LEAN in particular, and is now Black Belt certified in accordance with Lean Six Sigma.


Jarmo Jakku, Production Manager Bendiro

”Implementing the LEAN methodology for the roll forming process feels very motivating, as there are many sub-processes that can be streamlined by relatively simple means. But the really big effects are achieved when LEAN is able to permeate our entire production process.

At the start of the project, when introducing LEAN at Bendiro, we focused on certain factors such as changeover times, utilisation rate, and identifying and following up on performance indicators for availability, plant utilisation and quality. Production is of course at the centre of the work, but the methodology includes all parts of the company, including administration and sales.”

Skills development

”The prerequisite for the successful completion of LEAN is to create commitment among all employees in the company, and commitment is achieved through knowledge. Last autumn we conducted an introductional training course in LEAN for all employees, where everyone had the opportunity to find points that could be improved and measured. The ability to measure and follow up is at the heart of the methodology. It requires a new mindset and, with that, comes a new way of working. We are now well on our way with this, and will continuously train our employees.”

Value for our customers

”Bendiro is in a fantastic growth phase and, although we have an incredible amount to do right now, it feels completely right to develop the mindset that has become synonymous with Bendiro; effectively produced profiles through the implementation of LEAN. In other words, we are raising the roll forming process to the next level in order to eliminate all factors that do not create value for our customers.”

Our team is the customer’s team

”Clear leadership is also an essential part of LEAN. We now have four team leaders who manage and are responsible for their respective teams, and they clarify what is expected of everyone. Our teams will also be our customers’ teams, which embodies what we mean by closeness, which is one of the watchwords of The Bendiro Way.”


Investments that ensure quality and efficiency

”In parallel, we have also invested heavily in technology and machinery. Investments that have definitely enabled and accelerated the positive effects of our LEAN mindset. The new test and setup machine, for example, is an offline machine that frees up valuable capacity for our online machines. We have also invested in new measuring technology to ensure the quality of our profiles.

We will develop this further through a mobile eddy current tester. In the autumn, we will be further expanding our production capacity and degree of automation with a completely new roll forming line.” 

A bright and open working environment

”In addition to creating more space for our machines and enabling efficient flows, the latest extension has also meant that we have a much brighter working environment. We have also replaced the heating system, which has significantly reduced our energy consumption.”

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