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Jeton Xhemajli – From machine operator to responsible for purchasing and production planning.
On August 14, 2017, Jeton joined us as a machine operator. An incredibly positive and forward-thinking guy who brings a lot to the Bendiro team. From the start and onward, he has approached all tasks in a curious and goal-oriented manner, taking on each responsibility with equal commitment and always wanting to learn more. These qualities have led him to his current role as the person responsible for purchasing and production planning for us.

Jeton previously worked on Willys’ new establishments for 8 years but grew tired of the nomadic life as an assembler, with many travels and overnight stays. After that, he embarked on a completely different type of journey – private travels around the world – and worked as a personal assistant and in warehouse management before the opportunity as a machine operator arose at Bendiro.

Enjoys working hard and having routines

 “My brother-in-law worked at Bendiro and enjoyed it very much. When he suggested that I join the same workplace, I applied for the job as a machine operator and got it. I felt comfortable right away. I like working hard and following routines. After three years, I was asked if I wanted to take the next step and work as a teamleader for one of our teams with around 10 colleagues. A position that I gladly accepted.”

Investment in People

 “At Bendiro, each employee is seen as an individual with qualities and abilities that can be developed with the right support. They see opportunities in investing in us alongside investing in machinery and facilities. Everything is expected to maintain the same high quality and professionalism. Many companies only talk about their machines; here, the focus is more on elevating knowledge and development.”

“I also see a clarity in leadership, where they are very good at placing the right person in the right position. All the way from the top down. It creates a very stable organization and workplace that feels motivating in every way. We learn a lot from each other.”

New Role as Responsible for Production Planning/Purchasing

“However, it didn’t take long before Jeton was offered another new position to work in production planning/purchasing.”

“I felt that there was a plan for me, and I have our production leader Jarmo to thank for a lot in terms of the development of both my profession and me as a person. He has opened many doors for me. Also, Jörgen Hjertman, who is a designer. I am truly grateful to work with these amazing people.”

Loves Numbers and Planning

“In my new role as production planning/purchasing, I plan all orders and order materials. I have been given a great responsibility and really want to deliver good work in all situations, both towards the customer and internally. Do what is in my power, but at the same time, not promise more than we can handle.”

“It is a significant difference to now deal with administrative tasks from having had a more physically demanding job before. I have always loved numbers and planning, which I find extremely useful in this position. It is a big advantage to have previously worked on different parts in production, which I now understand my bosses also knew when planning for my development. My colleagues have been incredibly supportive in my new role, which means a lot and is a comfort when taking on an entirely new position. You can be yourself only when you feel safe among your colleagues..”

A Strong Team Moving Forward

“I have played football and know how important all players are for a strong team. And that’s precisely what we are here at Bendiro. We have fun together and show our true selves. Here, you can combine seriousness with a smile on your face. I feel incredibly well, and it’s truly exciting to be involved in the growth and development journey that is now fully underway at Bendiro. I see no stop anywhere!”

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