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Tobias Johansson – From machine operator to Technical Manager

He may well be one of the most skilled and experienced roll forming engineers in Scandinavia. What he doesn’t know about roll forming isn’t worth knowing, and if he doesn’t know it he’ll find it out. With his extensive knowledge and natural curiosity, Tobias has undergone a fantastic journey here at Bendiro, and today he is an important key person and a role model to new and old colleagues alike.

Tobias Johansson

“My journey at Bendiro began in 1994 when I was taken on as a machine operator. I’ve always been curious and fully engaged in what I do, so I tried to learn as much as I could about the machines we had. I soon became a team leader for a shift, and after gradually mastering all our machines over several years – there were 17 of them at the time – I was made production engineer. That involved optimising profile cross-sections, and the speed and productivity of machines. A few years later I was asked if I wanted to move into technical design, and I accepted.”

Working and training

While working in production, Tobias took various training courses in AutoCad, SolidWorks and the UBECO roll forming programme.

”While working in production, Tobias took various training courses in AutoCad, SolidWorks and the UBECO roll forming programme.

“As a technical designer in roll forming, apart from knowledge of all the machines, you also have to understand how the profiles are designed and constructed. Since I’ve worked in everything from technical design and running in new profiles to programming new hole patterns for our presses and punching tables, I have a good overall perspective on what is and isn’t feasible. I can be a good support to our sales team in this role, for example.”

Always room for improvement

“What drives me is a constant desire to see how things can be improved. I have a solution-oriented mindset. If something seems impossible, I see it as an opportunity to prove the opposite. However good we are, things can always be better and more efficient. I think that this is what drives all of us at Bendiro. We constantly want to develop in all areas. When our customers choose us, they should rest assured that we’re genuinely experts and innovators in roll forming. That we always try to offer as good a product solution as possible, sometimes in a way that may not seem obvious, but always with the aim of providing an optimised solution in terms of quality, quantity and price.”

Great freedom and responsibility

“The reason I’ve stayed with Bendiro for so long is that I’ve had the opportunity to grow and develop in the company, with great freedom and great responsibility in my professional role. My managers and colleagues have supported me through it all. I also find it very stimulating to have such close contact with our customers throughout the process.”

Powerful yet sustainable growth

“Even so, I think that recent years have been most fun as our owners have demonstrated a desire to really invest in our business, and we have a CEO that manages it all well and with a clear vision, ensuring that everything and everyone keeps up.We’re developing technically and in terms of capacity, with great consideration for the internal and external environment. It’s a sustainable way to grow.”

A key person in our evolution

Today, Tobias is Technical Manager and part of our management team.
He has been and remains a key person during Bendiro’s intensive evolution in recent years, as he has been responsible for planning our production layout, and has been heavily involved as project manager for procuring and installing new machinery. He also plays an important part in training and mentoring our co-workers in production.

Grow With BENDIRO! 

Tobias finishes off with the following advice:

“If you’re keen and genuinely interested, you have every opportunity to grow here at Bendiro. It’s an incredibly varied job where every new profile is unique, and our customers work in a wide range of industries. Our journey is definitely set to continue, and I can genuinely recommend applying for a job with us when the opportunity arises.”

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