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Flat strip in,
cost efficiency out

Trident in Ängelholm, south of Sweden, manufactures and markets products that provide increased accessibility in society for people with disabilities. One of the company’s words of praise is flexibility.

Michel Japchen, Purchasing and Production Manager

“We can very quickly adapt production to meet any needs that arise and deliver products within two days. Our production method is fully standardized and our solutions are based on standard components. There is an advantage for us in collaborating with sub-suppliers like Bendiro, which is also extremely flexible in its working method and offering. More frequent deliveries and  smaller quantities on relatively short notice is far more efficient for us, especially considering warehouse space and capital tied up.”

Products for improved access

Trident specialises in tools that provide improved access in homes and public places for people with different types of disabilities.

“Our product range includes things such as aluminium sills, lift platforms for level differences in e.g. stores and restaurants, modified bicycles and bathroom furnishings. The stairway walker is another of our smart products. A rail runs alongside the stairs with a grab bar that securely locks into position allowing the user to pull on it for help climbing the stairs. But our biggest segment is made up of different types of ramps produced at our factory in Ängelholm.

Ramps are a major seller
Building contractors, architects, home customizers, physiotherapists, standards writers and wholesalers are turning to Trident for both consultations and placing orders.

“Ramps account for around half of our sales. They are often bought by construction companies that have concluded agreements with municipalities. I dare say we’ve delivered products to every municipality and county in Sweden.”

Renewed confidence
“Bendiro and Trident enjoyed a collaboration fifteen years ago. It turned out that they had kept the tools for the Z-profile, which acts as an edge barrier, that they had previously supplied to us. So actually it was just a matter of picking up where we left off, but our collaboration developed when Bendiro’s salesman visited the factory. He immediately saw a potential for development in the manufacturing of handrails for our ramps.”

Capacity increase and cost benefits
Trident had previously bought in ready-made pipes into which a pipe laser cut out hole patterns before cutting the pipe into specific lengths. Once the laser had finished, the operator took over and stamped four recesses at each end of the pipe in a manual side operation.

Bendiro’s solution is based on the principle “flat strip in, finished product out” with pre-stamping, roll forming, laser welding and final cutting to customized lengths all on one line. Manual embossing could also be replaced with an embossed nut position, which simplified final assembly.

“Using this solution, Trident releases 48 hours of pure production time in our pipe laser and saves 188 working hours in the component manufacturing and assembly department every year. This not only entails cost gains, but also allows us to redistribute human resources in production. For example, we can focus more on delivering pre assembled products, which are subject to increasing demand, while still maintaining the same short delivery times.”

Developing together
Trident is very satisfied with Bendiro’s offering and level of service. In the opinion of Michel Japchen, their positive collaboration enjoys every necessary condition for development.

“Having a supplier is one thing, but having a collaborative partner is an entirely different matter. Bendiro is attentive to our needs and likes to take part and help make a better product through innovative solutions. We have our know how, but Bendiro has the technical skill and is able to contribute constructive solutions for profiles that helps develop our offering. We complement each other extremely well and develop ideas and things together.”

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