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At Bendiro, we see sustainability as a prerequisite for our business and continued investment. We have been certified according to ISO 14001 for a long time, but our sustainability thinking goes beyond that.

We reduce and increase in parallel

A few years ago we carried out a comprehensive energy audit, which resulted in extensive changes and investments in our energy and ventilation system. The result was a really good working environment for our employees and significantly lower CO2 emissions, even though we more than doubled our production volumes and turnover, see table.

100% fossil-free electricity.

This combination can be attributed, among other things, to our investments in two brand new roll forming lines plus a run-in line with very modern, energy-efficient technology that increases both efficiency and process reliability. The electricity we consume also comes from 100% fossil-free electricity.

base year – 2019
last reported year – 2022
Scope 1 (tons CO2e)
Scope 2 (tons CO2e)

Roll forming – the right choice for the future

Roll forming is an old manufacturing method, but has perhaps never been as timely as it is now. This is because of the combination of high efficiency and low environmental impact in the production of advanced steel profiles. To clarify, there are several points worth mentioning:
  • The roll forming process is done by cold forming, which means minimal energy consumption and low wear on tools.

  • We have a material utilisation rate of over 95%, basically all the material is used for the profile.

  • We manufacture in steel, which is one of the most recyclable options compared to other manufacturing materials. Almost 90% of all steel produced globally is recycled into new products.

  • Roll forming technology is ideally suited to the production of weight-efficient and durable profiles in high-strength and ultra-high-strength steel materials. Materials that we at Bendiro have extensive experience of and work frequently with.

Overall, this allows both us and our customers to reduce our environmental footprint, without losing product performance or compromising on economic aspects.

We take advantage of new, sustainable materials and technologies

Needless to say, there is also an incredible amount of research and development into new sustainable materials and technologies in the steel industry. We are actively following developments and look forward to being able to offer our customers in the not too distant future:
  • Steel, based on recycled steel, without fossil carbon dioxide emissions, produced with fossil-free energy.

  • Fossil-free, newly manufactured steel.

We currently have a well-established collaboration with SSAB, among others, which is at the forefront of these steel innovations. We are also well ahead in terms of a high degree of automation and technology for construction and ensuring the highest possible level of quality.

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