We received a better product offering greater margins

Prismaflex manufactures scrolling signs for different advertising messages. These signs contain triangular profiles that rotate constantly to continually alternate the message in the actual poster display area. These profiles are now manufactured by Bendiro Profile Tech.

Anders Janson, R&D manager, Prismaflex AB

“From the outset, we manufactured these triangular profiles in aluminium, but the prisms constitute a major share of the value in the signs and we went looking for a cheaper alternative. Using roll formed steel, we had access to a material that was just as durable with the increased strength, and which could be formed within sufficient tolerance levels. These aspects are significant as our signs are more often than not exposed to the elements.”

Roll forming came into its own
“Previously, we have looked at the option of roll forming our profiles, but for different reasons, this has not suited the character of our product. Everything fell into place with this project. It was about large volumes of one and the same product, and as a result, we were able to make maximum use of what roll forming has to offer.”

Simplification led to improvement
“Bendiro brought much valuable expertise to the table, not in the least in how to customise manufacturing of our product. They presented a simplified version of the profile to better suit the roll forming process. This simplification was an improvement as we got more complexity with fewer processing stages.” “We now get completely welded profiles where perforation is also integrated in the forming process which prevents any costly and time-consuming post production processing.”

Valuable effects 
“By changing the production process and material, we have been able to reduce the weight of our profiles as steel is a stronger material than aluminium. This in turn has resulted in our advertising displays requiring less maintenance and service. On the whole, it gives us both a better product and significantly greater margins.”