We got a lightweight design with the least post-production processing


Klippan Safety AB is a system partner for the international automotive industry. The company is Europe’s leading developer and manufacturer of complete bed systems with integrated occupant restraint systems for trucks. When Klippan-Safety AB in Klippan was in the process of manufacturing a new bed system for Scania’s trucks, the only choice was roll formed profiles from Bendiro.

Bengt Hallberg, Purchasing and Logistics manager, Klippan-Safety AB

“In this project, we are using a new bed system called Flex Frame. As the name implies, it is a flexible system that is built up using holders in the form of a frame for which the customer can then select a bed that suits them.”

Tougher demands, lighter vehicles
“At Klippan-Safety, we have previously used most types of manufacturing, but regards this project, there were many aspects that made roll forming the best solution. We place great demands on guaranteeing quality and mechanical strength. The profile also contains many characteristics, with which we wished to achieve a form of lean production, with as little post production processing as possible. With encouragement from the automotive industry, it is our aim at all times to reduce the weight of our products.”

25 steps to the finished profile
“The result was a roll formed galvanised profile that was formed in 25 steps, using inbuilt laser welding and a punched perforation pattern. These profiles are then cut into fixed exact lengths that are then bent to create a bed frame. It is also important that there are no sharp edges on the profile as these can ruin mattresses and other mattress fabrics. It is a rigid and strong lightweight structure with minimal post production processing - just as we wanted.”

Willingness to invest
“Roll forming requires expertise and experience. We must be confident that our suppliers represent this. Bendiro have more than met with our expectations. Above all, they have shown a great measure of flexibility, but also awareness and willingness to invest.”