Production area  

Profiles from Bendiro can be used anywhere!

Bendiro’s profiles are constantly being used in new applications, but in the main, we focus on the following areas:


Construction industry

Functional profiles, often longer profiles (> 2.5 m) and pre-powder coated, preferably in a little thinner material (< 1 mm). Cost efficiency is an important argument, while service levels and flexibility are other. Direct bearing structures are often not required, hence a thin plate thickness can be used.


Our "other area" - everything from rotary filters in the pulp industry, and roof tile factories to industrial doors, shelving and telecom cabinets. The profiles can often be manufactured using other technology, but when volumes are sufficiently large, roll forming often offers a better overall economy

Shop fittings, bearing profiles and designed functional profiles for the furniture industry. Often higher demands on finish and slightly thicker material (1.5 - 2.5 mm) for load-bearing profiles. Often quite advanced punching, more and more focus on high-strength materials and welded profiles. We are expected to offer large volume flexibility.


Bearing profiles made with high-strength materials with high standards in finish and quality. Major focus on the automotive industry to increase the use of roll-formed profiles, as it enables weight reduction by using high-strength materials, which are impossible to press, but are suitable for roll forming.