What advantages are available by choosing roll forming?

To take maximum advantage of the manufacturing method, we recommend that our clients think roll forming from the design stage.


  • Roll forming is capable of integrated operations and is almost entirely length independent.

  • Roll forming is a rational, large capacity manufacture method with high material utilisation (more than 95%)

  • Roll forming allows for high repetition accuracy.

  • Roll forming is an efficient/profitable production method in large and small series with specialised cross sections.

  • Roll forming can produce advanced profile shapes.

  • Roll forming is ideal for surface-treated materials, high strength and ultra high-strength materials (UHS, UHSS) and Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS).

  • Roll forming is gentle on stock.

  • Roll forming results in minimal tool wear.

  • Roll forming offers among other things attractive total costs thanks to integrated operations and the use of materials without subsequent surface treatment.

  • Roll forming is an ideal production method for weight-efficient designs.

  • Roll forming is also the right choice in the future considering design options, environmental benefits and overall total economy.