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We received a stylish and sustainable profile

Etac AB is an expansive company that offers products to people with reduced mobility, as well as products and services to hospitals and nursing homes. The product range consists of a complete line of wheelchairs. Among them is the Etac M 100, a wheelchair for which Bendiro has produced an advanced armrest profile which is not only strong, but is also  attractive in terms of design.


Daniel Johansson, Product developer/Designer, Etac AB

We have previously manufactured this armrest profile using extruded aluminium. But the upcoming EN Standard, together with our own requirements, forced us to find a more long term solution. “This is the first time we use a roll-formed profile in this way. This has been an exciting process because it is an advanced profile which provides a range of features that need to work together. We got in touch with Bendiro through another supplier and have developed a working solution in cooperation with them.”


Beautiful designs sell more
“By already making some smart decisions at the design stage, it makes things much easier when the profile finally goes into production. Today, everything is done in the machine and we get a fully formed product straight away, including punching and laser welding.”


Durable UHSS
“We have chosen ultra high strength steel to ensure durability, yet still have a lightweight profile. As well as having a more durable and stylish profile, we have also been able to reduce the cost in terms of less post production processing. We strongly believe in this wheelchair, so we have to get all its components right. Even when it comes to value for money.” 

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